IBUKI T-shirts project

I'm making T-shirts these days.
This T-shirts will be displayed and sold at the event 'IBUKI T-shirts charity event'.

'This is a charity T-shirts exhibition for the victims especially wholost their parents of the earthquake
and tsunami that struck Japan on 11th March, 2011.  The idea is to create an exhibition of t-shirts

that will raise money to the “Ashinaga Ikuei” (http://www.ashinaga.org/e/main1),

which is an association for children who lost their parents due to these disasters. 
They support those children not only financially but also physically.
We are mainly based in London as artists, designers, photographer.
Most of them are from central saint martins, London college of fashion, Chelsea College of Art & Design.
You will find fantastic T-shirts!! Please visit us. The opening party will start at 7:00pm on 16th of June.'

Date: 16th - 25th June, 2011  the opening day is postponed. will update the detail soon.

Place: Electric Blue Gallery - 64 Middlesex Street, London, UK E1 7EZ

Admission: Free


Contact: Kana Shirouchi (kanashirouchi[at]gmail.com)

Please come and see!
ok, I'm back to work on my T-shirt...